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bicycle bag OCR200 Collection OLLI CYCLE

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Product description
Our OLLI CYCLE OCR200 is a cycling backpack in a sporty design. The backpack is optimally adapted to the challenges of everyday cycling: it has a reinforced inner compartment, space for A4 documents, a back padding and many zipper compartments inside and outside. The straps for bicycle lights and the reflectors on the back provide the best safety. But the model can do even more: it can be used both as a backpack and as a bicycle bag. It is fastened to the luggage carrier with two snap-in hooks, the padded straps are simply unhooked and stowed in the pocket on the back. If the OCR200 is worn as a backpack, the hooks disappear under the backpack flap. The backpack is delivered without a bicycle light.
The hooks on our bike bags are stretchable and adapt to tubes up to 13 mm in diameter.
Product details
dimensions: 43/60 x 34 x 15 cm
Concealed cycle attachment
Secret compartment
Compartment at the back
Padded back
Zipped main compartment
Loop for bicycle light
Bright inner liner
Padded divider
2 smartphone compartments
Inner compartment with zipper
Bottle holder
100% polyester
volume: 11/16 l
Weight: 800 g
Compartment for laptops up to: 32 x 24 x 2,5 cm

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