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shoulder bag YU60 Collection YUNA

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Product description
The elegant and purist design makes our YU60 handbag a must-have. As a special eye-catcher, the bag has a macramé shoulder strap that can also be replaced with a short or long, plain strap. This way, the YU60 can be worn either short over the shoulder or slung cross-body, depending on your mood.

A look inside the bag

In addition to its chic appearance, the inner values of the YU60 handbag also count. The flap closes securely with two magnets. Inside the bag is a practical zipped compartment where you can safely store important things. Two smartphone compartments offer space for your electronic companions and keep them well organised. In addition, a lanyard with carabiner is integrated so that you always have your keys at hand. Whether smartphone, cosmetics or wallet - everything will find the right place here. Back to the overview
Product details
dimensions: 20 x 32 x 9 cm
Closure flap with two magnets
Zipped compartment inside
2 smartphone compartments inside
lanyard with carabiner inside
short braided shoulder strap (detachable)
short faux leather shoulder strap (detachable)
long faux leather shoulder strap (detachable)
outer material: 100% polyurethane
inner lining: 100% polyester
volume: 3 l
Weight: 570 g

Magnets are sewn into the closure flaps of these bags or rucksacks. Please prevent direct contact between the magnets in the closure areas and heart pacemakers, credit cards, parking cards and all other cards with magnetic strips, storage media and electronic equipment.

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